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Mindannyiunkat Légszáraz felfújható bouy Kereskedelmi minőségű és tartós 0,6 mm vastagságú - 0,9 mm vastagság 32 uncia 1000 denier pvc ponyva.

OEM / ODM Üdvözöljük.


1. These Buoys make great race markers or advertising space at Triathlons.

2. They are made from 0.6 or 0.9 mm pvc with heat welded seams to make them 100% water tight.

3. The Race markers are all made to order to customers choice of colour and branding.

4. Hard wearing construction

5. Double skin with inner inflation chamber

6. Comes with fitted mooring harness

7. Standard bright orange finish for high visibility.


Quality Test and After-sales service:

● We test each product for 3 days to ensure the toys seamed exactly well.

● We provide repair kit for free, which including material and for repairing in case.
● We will guide you to repair the toys and make compensation for them accordingly.